Social Brain Washing

Why in this day of enlightenment am I still hearing/seeing/ reading people young and old all genders are committing suicide? Why do they feel such a dire emotional void that death is a solution? We and I mean all the collective we in the world have a responsibility to stop all the pressures.All the social brain washing from advertising, religious, & teachings, of any kind that forces a individual to emotionally implode!
Parents sorry to say play an enormous huge role in this (I hate myself enough to snuff myself) is mostly due to an epidemic of cramming a lot of impossible demands, pressure of achievements,stupidly expecting the same performances/achievements, teaching children they’re nothing unless there what u want them to be.One of the biggest and most unbelievable to me is someone can kill themselves because they broke up or where dumped from there significant other.It’s astronomically rediculas that in this day and age anyone still feels so emotionally insecure.

Writing has always been a dream of mine I’ve let life get in the way,I’m Fed up with doing that .Like most everyone failure is a big fear.

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Happy Wednesday, everyone! Social media is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, and this means that we are coming into contact with more people than ever before. We do more socializing on Facebook than we do in person, but the impersonal nature of technology can get us into trouble if we aren’t careful.

The “impersonal” nature of Facebook is deceptive. Yes, we sit behind a screen and know people by monikers and avatars, but there are real people on the other side, so we need to take extra care to remember that.

We “Know” Others, but We Don’t KNOW Them

I go out of my way to always be positive on Facebook. Granted, I try and make sure I am “real.” I am not all fake buckets of sunshine, but I do respect the fact that we all struggle and most of us live in a…

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